Drain Cleaning/Sewer Lines


We provide speedy and affordable drain cleaning services to homeowners and businesses throughout the greater Baltimore area. Indoor plumbing is a wonderful thing but it takes many drains and sewer lines to make your system function effectively. Sometimes these drains may clog or the pipes may break and we are here to help you. Using a small auger, we can unclog your drains and have your toilets and sinks back to normal in no time.
You may want to try a few drain cleaning methods yourself. If they don’t do the trick, you have a major clog and it’s time to call the plumber.


If your sink or tub is draining slowly or not everything in the toilet goes down on the first flush, you may have a clogged drain. If it is your sink, we’ll auger the line through the trap under the sink to break up the clog. If it is your toilet, then we’ll pull up the toilet from the floor and auger the small sewer line. These types of clogs are fairly common. The bathroom sink and tub drains tend to clog due to an excessive amount of hair, soap, and/or skin that build up over time. The toilet can clog for a number of reasons: hard bowel movement, using too much toilet paper, dropping a wash cloth, or child’s toy down the toilet.


Sewer lines are much larger than your indoor plumbing lines, but they do occasionally get clogged, due to years of use, possible corrosion in the pipes, or infiltration of roots into the line. If everything in your house is backing up, your main sewer line may be clogged. This means the clog is somewhere between where the sewer line leaves the house and where it meets the city/county line (usually out in the street). We can auger your main sewer line using a clean out plug in the basement or in the yard or by pulling a toilet at the lowest level of the house.


Does your bathtub gurgle when you flush the toilet? If so, your plumbing roof vent might be clogged. The vent allows air to pass through when flushing a toilet so that the water in the other traps is not siphoned. The vent also allows sewer gas to escape rather than enter into the house. If you’ve ever wondered what that white pipe is sticking out of your roof, that’s the plumbing roof vent. The condition of sewer gas entering the house is very dangerous and can result in sickness or death. Methane gas is DANGEROUS because it is ODORLESS, COLORLESS AND TASTELESS. It is what is burned off at sewage treatment plants when you see the big fires burning there. When a trap is siphoned i.e., the gurgling noise, methane gas is then allowed into your house. If you hear gurgling noise or are concerned, please do not hesitate to call us.

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