Hose Bib Repair & Replacement

Hose bibs are the outside water spigots located on the exterior of your home or business. Leaky hose bibs can waste a lot of water. Hose bibs may be screwed on or soldered on to your water pipes. We offer hose bib repair and replacement throughout the greater Baltimore area, including Middle River, Dundalk, Perry Hall, Essex, White Marsh, and surrounding areas.


There are several signs you may need hose bib repair or replacement. These include:
  • Dripping from the faucet even when it’s turned off
  • Water that leaks from the spigot when it’s turned on
  • Visible rust on the hose bib
  • Frozen hose bib
  • Cracked pipe leading to the hose bib
If you’ve ever worried about shutting off the water line to your hose in the winter, we can replace your old outside hose bibs with new “all season frost-free hose hydrants” so you never have to worry again. Or did you forget to shut off the hose bib and now you have a crack in your water line? No problem! We can repair the copper water line and replace your hose bib if needed.

Our plumbing technicians will get to the bottom of your hose bib problems. Common solutions include:
  • Tightening the packing nut
  • Replacing the washers
  • Cleaning the valve
  • Replacing the rubber O-ring
  • Removing the old hose bib and installing a new one

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