Low Water Pressure

Does your house have low water pressure? Tired of not being able to flush the toilet while someone is in the shower? Or tired of taking a weak shower? Landon Plumbing can help increase your water pressure and help make your showers more enjoyable.


There are numerous reasons why you have low water pressure. If you have noticed a pressure decline in just one fixture, such as a shower head or faucet spout, there might be debris caught in the filter. If you have noticed a pressure decline around the entire house, you could have a severe mineral or rust build-up in your pipes. Another reason houses have water pressure issues is the age of the house and the water lines. Over time, pipes corrode on the inside which closes off the pipe and restricts water flow. This frequently happens to old galvanized pipes.


If you’re wondering how to increase water pressure, we have several solutions. If the pressure decline is at just one fixture, we can examine that fixture and clean out any debris that has built up over time. We can also replace your shower head with a new one that is designed to improve water pressure in the shower. If the pressure decline is throughout the house, we can investigate your water source and measure the amount of pressure coming into the house. By determining the amount of pressure coming in from the street and at various fixtures, we can determine where the cause of the decline might be. If your house is an older house with galvanized pipes, the best way to increase your water pressure is to remove the galvanized pipes and replace them with copper pipes.


A final cause of low water pressure throughout the entire house or business is a water main break. If your property is flooding in a certain spot, you may have a break in the main line. Visit our water main repair page for more information.

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